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By the way...if you're considering submitting a post with one or more of the above, think it through. Is it really funny? Does it make sense to more than you and your best friend? We'd quality, not just rehashes of the same old jokes and memes. Seriously, /b/ called and it wants its material back.
3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197, 35 going on 27, ain't no other guy, anise tatlin, anything with lol, arietta, asch, asch the ladybug, ballin', beatrice is their mom, being hilarious, bloody hell!asch, bringing sexyback, bursting with fonons!!!1, buu the rapping rappig, buu the wrapping rappig, buusagi, buusagi king, chamillionaire, chasing vans, chasing vans around hod, cheagle, crack, crawling in my maaaaaask, crying vans, desu no, dist, dist is a hobo, doing things during earthquakes, dr. jade, dreck, dreckuzuplica, elder mccheagle, elder mcgovern, eyebeams, eyebeams!van-sensei, eyebrows, falling out of trees, fanart, fanfiction, free speech i guess, gailoldia galan gardios, gaybars, general immaturity, get in my van, guy cecil, guy is a woman, guy sekritly likes boobies, guy's lack of heterosexuality, hit and run, how-about-not-suspension, i'm bursting with fonons, ingo-chan, interests worth suspending for, ion has a six-pack, ion's androgyny, ion's luke fanclub, ion's pimpchair, jade, jade curtiss, jade is mel gibson, jade lolfour, jade the vampire, kat ruins everything, kation, keterburg spa, kimlolsca, kiss and ride, largo, legretta, lil' john, liz's shortness!♥, lol, loldrant, lolia city, lolkuth, lolmaster ion, luke fon fabre, malkuth homecoming, malkuth pwns kimlasca, mcvanald's, melons, meronzu, mieu, mohsy's, mooooooohs, morning in daath, natalia luzu kimuelasca lanvaldear, neck romancer, nephrite, oh my hod, okaaaay, onions in sinks, paint shop pro-ing, paintchats, parapara!jade, peonies, peony is bi, peony's fantabulousness, phone not off, phone on, photoshopping, plzdon't cut my replica, purple sword, r. kelly, rending thrust, ridin' dirty, roses, saphir lolon neis, sealing your fonslots, semicolon woman-girl susie, sketchy chicken, sonic thrust, stacey is too tall, subtext=buttsex, sync, sync-n-park, syncatize me captain!, syncxlamp, tales of the abyss, tales of the lolbyss, tear grants, tear leans too much, that's no hydroxyl florian, that's no hydroxyl ion, that's no hydroxyl sync, they see me rollin', thrusting, tight pants, too many interests, van grants, van-sensei is so romantic♥, vandesdelca muuuuusto fende, vanification, what the fonon, what the qliphoth, what?, yeayuh, you got dist, you're more attractive dead, yummy chow 4evr