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1 point for math -2 points for my lack of life

All right, so I figured this out over the summer. No clue why I didn't post about it earlier.

So, I'm sure everyone is well aware of Auldrant's funky calendar, right? 700+ days a year, 24 hours in a day, 13 months, 58 days a month except for Lorelei Decan which has 60. Right?

Out of hell knows what I decided to make a conversion equation that transfers Auldrant's Calendar to our own. It's pretty damn simple too and can work both ways. Although, Leap Year isn't included.

Here are the variables -

Count up the amount of days in the Auldrant Calendar (If born on Rem Decan 4th then the number is 4) that we'll call Z

Count up the amount of days in our Calendar (If born Feb 2nd the number is 33) we'll call this Y

Got that so far?

So here's the easy part.

When converting from Auldrant to Our's the equation should look like this -
Z/2.07=Y (Z divided by 2.07 equals Y)

When converting Our's to Auldrant the equation should look like this -
Y*2.07=Z (Y multiplied by 2.07 equals Z)

Whichever way you pick -- put the solution back into months/days.

Just in case someone still can't follow I'll use an example.

Converting July 16th to Auldrant Calendar -

Y = 197 (July 16th)
Y*2.07 = Z
197*2.07 = Z?
197*2.07 = 407.79
Z = 407
407 = Ifrit Redecan the 1st (Gnome Day)

Got it?

*Also* ALWAYS round down. Even if the number you get is 5.999 the number is still 5, they were just born a little late in the day is all. Make sense?

Here are some Tales of the Abyss Birthdays put in our Calendar~

Natalia - January 17th
Anise - May 15th
Guy - May 20th
Jade - October 14th
Tear - December 2nd
Luke/Asch - December 25th (Coincidence? I think NOT. ♥)

If I got anything wrong, tell me. ;D I am NOT a math genius. Sorry for such a spam of a post. If you have any questions... too? ♥

Cross posting this a little as well. ♥
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