Enzel (sakurabatou) wrote in loldrant,

So something sort of amazing happened over IM the other day. (these are the buddies I play Abyss with.)

commkeen: oh yeah
commkeen: i wrote an abyss song
Toast: matt wrote a fresh prince parody using abyss themes
Enzel: seriously XD
commkeen: it goes something like
commkeen: ...
commkeen: Now this is a story all 'bout fon
commkeen: and how i found out that i was a clone
commkeen: and i'd like to take a minute, just sit right there
commkeen: I'll tell you why I became an emo bitch and cut all my hair
commkeen: ...
commkeen: should i keep going?
Enzel: please do
commkeen: My manor house in Baticul, born and raised
commkeen: gettin kidnapped was how I spent my former days
commkeen: goofin off, whinin, acting like a prick
commkeen: and learning from Van how to use a sword
commkeen: when a chick named Tear, who was tryin' to be good
commkeen: started hyperresonatin' in my neighborhood
commkeen: i heard one little prophecy and nearly hurled
commkeen: and Van said "Hyperresonate this Sephiroth so I can rule the world."
commkeen: We whistled for a boat, and when it got to us
commkeen: It floated into the Qliphoth and we saw it was the Tartarus
commkeen: We got to Yulia and Asch and I had a bout
commkeen: I said, "This shit is whack!", so I just passed out.
commkeen: I
commkeen: Woke
commkeen: up and found out that we were in the Qliphoth
commkeen: And I yelled to my friends, "Hey guys, I cut my hair off!"
commkeen: Looked at my world, saw it was in bad shape
commkeen: And now we gotta ditch the Score, before it's too late.
Enzel: I can't stop laughing XD
commkeen: *bows*
commkeen: This is what I do VERY early in the morning
commkeen: dedicated to our very own player 1
Enzel: awww thank you
commkeen: *grin*
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