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ADVERTISEMENT TEIM! Destiny:Eternity RP (de_rp)

Hello, and welcome aboard the luxury cruise ship, the S.S. Eden! You have been one of a lucky few to be selected to take a free, one-week cruise. Everything is on the house, and we have possibly anything one can hope for on a luxury cruise: a bar, a spa, a pool, you name it - chances are the S.S Eden has what you are looking for! Our crew and staff want to make sure you have the best time here, and we are ready to bend to your needs with a smile.
We will make a quick pass through the Bermuda Triangle, but do not worry. We will make sure you will return home in time...

profile // rules // faq // taken // apply

The game opens on Wednesday, August 27. We would love if you applied, please join us!

X-posted all over the place, sorry to those who are seeing this 10+ times :|b

If this isn't allowed I apologize!!
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