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it's a VAN!

 yes, it's a Van! XD

Anyway, Hi there! loldrant! I did some drawings and wanted to share them here with you because it's inspired by old post here , in loldrant.
So i hope you enjoy~

Luke is HOME ALONE XD  at first I wanted to do a Photoshop but ended up with this... >:3 a Van.
Luke ( short hair version ) 8D 
Van: >:3 and *V*
and Jade is probably >8]  smirking like evil.

ok , on to the next one~
this came out because...  Anise frequently says that she cannot be compared to Tear's ''melons''. But what if...

Anise end up like Tear , when she grows up? o_O
she'll probably use it to get some money from

Pimp Long Haired Luke is Ridin dirty!
with his little Demon head as a BlingBling.. . this one if from an old entry, where there was a TotA video with Ridin dirty XD

Ok, actualy the last one needs an explanation...and quite one...

here it is:  on my first TotA game, I was playing in Hard Mode to have more Grade points so I could be able to buy everything 
from the Grade shop for my next New game +.  In the end, I had over 1000 grade points, so i guess you can imagine how long it was XD
The point is that, i dont know the exact reasons but,  since i've played like four times what a first playtrough is supposed to be, the
game went all messed up and i could use the second Hi-Ougi like Raising overlord and Indignation etc without  the second game...
in addition to that, when i went to the coliseum, the quotes that people sai when winning and entering the fights at the coliseum went all 
mixed up and i ended up with this....

yeah... it was the scariest thing of my life- Seeing Jade saying '' Prize Money~♪'' 

does something like that happened to you , guys? 

anyway, that's about it! I had another  one with Luke and Guy but I forgot and i cant upload it right now ^^; 
Hope you enjoyed~ 


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